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the Portnoy group places an emphasis on working internally with company managers and employees FIRST. The difference between many branding programs and the Portnoy group Interactive Brand Lab is the importance of working internally first and then testing and tweaking Brand Positioning externally against the selected target(s). We have found that working from the outside first limits brand-building opportunities based on consumers'/customers' myopic view—which is based primarily on personal experience—limiting the future on the basis of past performance measures.

The Brand Lab makes everyone a stakeholder in the Brand Charter. Our process ensures employee ownership of the company's Vision, Mission, Essence, and Brand Positioning and an ongoing dissemination of the Brand to the public. Your own employees become your best sales, public relations, and recruiting tools.

Our goal is to successfully impact consumer perceptions to create a market of loyal fans (customers, employees, and vendors) by building a Brand Charter and Strategic Marketing Plan that will emotionally link them to your company, products, and people. The result is profitable, long-term relationships with your employees (and recruits), customers (and prospects), and vendors that will withstand the chaos of rapidly-changing marketing communications.


Employee buy-in to the company's Branding is most successful when the process is developed from within by employee's peers, such that everyone has a stake in the results. This also ensures an ongoing dissemination of the “right” message to the public. Your employees are always your best sales tool.

the Portnoy group also uses a strategic tool that may be seen as contrarian by traditionalists: Instead of focusing on building brands only through differentiation from competition within given industry parameters, we espouse the "Blank Slate Creative Thinking" approach: If anything was possible what concepts would take customers on an emotionally satisfying lifelong journey even if they are outside the current industry paradigm?

This approach facilitates the development of brand strategy that transcends existing competition and marketplace boundaries by creating new unparalleled profitable opportunities for business while engendering relationships with current customers and successfully luring new prospects.

We create "compelling sustainable competitive advantages" for our clients, with the emphasis on "sustainable".

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