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The number one myth about Branding: Branding is just advertising and a logo. Branding is not advertising. It isn't just a logo. Branding is the big picture, the planet, the universe. It is the comprehensive collection of all consumer touch points. Advertising is just one component of Branding. Advertising raises the awareness of your brand. Logos give your brand a visual identity. Those elements are just the beginning. There's a whole lot more to building a great brand. It may surprise you to know some of the best, strongest brands don't advertise. You may also be surprised that many logos do more harm to a brand than enhance it! Beware, just because someone says they are aware of your brand through advertising and a logo, it doesn't mean yours is a strong brand.


The number one truth about Branding: If you and your employees can't articulate your brand clearly, consistently, and succinctly, neither can anyone else. If there isn't a single voice speaking who you are as a brand, where you are going, and why consumers should go with you, be warned: Your brand is unprotected and vulnerable, and you may already be losing customers and prospects to your competition. Great branding depends on a strong, compelling, aspirational communications package delivered consistently, both externally and internally. There is no good time to leave your company, product, or service vulnerable, without a compelling Brand Identity to protect it. The marketplace is always hostile. Competition is increasing. Companies are after your market share, your customers, and the best employee talent.

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