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The overall impression created and nurtured over time for any product, service, or entity. It is generally seen as the perception consumers have about a specific brand based on their exposure to both tangible and intangible components. The Goal: To guide consumer choice and to build long-term loyal relationships between consumers and companies, products and services.

Brand Architecture is the structure that supports and defines a brand both within the context of its corporate entity and within its competitive marketplace. The primary objective of brand architecture is to clearly delineate the strengths and weaknesses, the similarities and differences across a company's product lines or service businesses.

  Strong brand architecture ensures lower overall marketing costs while protecting the brand equity of the parent company and all of its brands. It leads to a higher likelihood of a brand's long-term success because the right mix of product attributes, benefits, and lures gets positioned to the right target, through the most appropriate and effective communication channels and media.

At the heart of Strategic Branding is the creation of a Brand Communications Platform: the navigational tool for your brand. The BCP becomes your guide to decision making. Every new idea or concept for your brand or business can be evaluated against the BCP, ensuring sound strategic planning and long-term success.

the Portnoy group's proprietary branding system ensures the creation of an effective BCP that will successfully guide and enhance your current marketing efforts to generate brand-loyal fans. Contact us for more information.

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