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The following provides a general outline of the process used by the Portnoy group to develop the strategic template for an effective branding program. Each client's process is custom-tailored to their specific needs and objectives. For more information, email us.

Pre Brand Lab / Background
Internal Research to determine current perception of Positioning, company strengths and weaknesses, and barriers/opportunities. Elements: Communications audit of internal and external marketing and advertising collateral and tools; one-on-one interviews with managers; internal employee focus group research.

External Research to determine the perception of your company in the marketplace and what it takes to exceed customer expectations. Elements: Review of client's existing marketing research, current and former customer interviews (as appropriate), and competitive business comparisons.

Industry Professional Benchmarking (optional) to identify best practices within your industry. Elements: Virtual focus groups and/or interviews of key industry customers; best practices benchmarking.

The Brand Lab
the Portnoy group Interactive Brand Lab one- and two-day sessions facilitate the strategic development of your company's Brand Charter (Mission, Vision, Essence, Positioning) with a cross-sectional representation of your employees and resource people.

  The Process:
  • Team communication/trust building
  • Definition of objectives and overview of Branding Process
  • Individual creative visualization
  • Group review of creative responses
  • Sharing of internal and external research
  • Group evaluation of contributed elements and strategic thinking
  • Multi-dimensional scaling exercise to determine Brand Function, personality, authority, and performance
  • Collaborative definition of Brand Essence
  • Collaborative definition of Brand Positioning
  • Creative of shared Vision
  • Distinguish Mission of the company
  • Identify marketing, customer service, operational, and recruiting issues and obstacles (ongoing)
  • Compilation of Brand Charter
  • Synthesis of barriers and recommendation of marketing, customer service, and operational next steps needed to overcome obstacles to your newly-defined Brand

Post Brand Lab
External testing of Brand Charter determines the acceptance in the marketplace and identifies any red-flag issues to be addressed or tweaked prior to full-scale rollout.

Brand Stewards are a team of your employees who are trained to be the "watchdogs" of your Brand Charter. We stay on to coach these Brand Stewards to ensure that employee communications, recruiting, operations, product design, quality control, marketing, and public relations remain true to the Brand Charter and to track the resolution of weaknesses, obstacles, and frustrations to achieving the objectives of the Brand Charter.


Facilitation of Next Steps (often on retainer) Recommendation of next steps to overcome obstacles.

Employee Empowerment Target Market Testing Ongoing consultation to keep marketing initiatives true to the Brand; guide operations to move toward Vision; guide employee relations and recruiting.

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